299,999+       (304,000app) miles on the odometer
9,500               miles driven 
10000          miles flown
85                      high temp 
157                   waterfalls
45                highest mpg
39                    average mpg
165              hours on a bus

28                lowest mpg  
21                      States
19                rivers driven through
17                      books finished
15                      low temp     
12                                most days passed without a shower
6                         Provincial parks 
5.26                  most paid per gallon of gas - Quebec, QB, C
5                         max # of beings in the car, along with belongings
5                   people seen on a motorcycle (Peru)
3.09                  least paid per gallon of gas - Roanoke, VA 
4                                     Countries
2                         Provinces
2                         broken cameras
1                         black eye
1                         credit card number stolen

Things we can't count - beautiful sunsets/sunrises, lakes, good conversations, smiles, laughter... etc, etc. We will keep updating this as we go along, hopefully the amount of broken camera's don't increase because we only have one left.