We are Morgan, Jena, and Hank (our new Puppy). We are an adventurous couple from the Midwest (Wisconsin and Minnesota) with various adventures under our belts. We began this blog when we decided to pack up our apartment and move into our car, a 2003 Prius with over 300,000 miles on it.
We outfitted the Prius into an RV of sorts - complete with a bedframe, clothing bins, under-bed storage, and a large overhead compartment and explored the north shore of Lake Superior, eastern Canada, and the east coast and a bit of the southern United States.
After 3 months of living in our Prius we took off on another adventure to travel the beautiful Ecuador and Peru for about a month and a half. Since returning, we have settled down in Minneapolis where we have returned to a slower paced life filled with good food, music, and loved ones. 

    comes from a song by Roger Miller called 'You can't roller-skate in a buffalo herd'. We often found ourselves listening to and dancing along with Roger Miller's Greatest Hits album in the kitchen of our old apartment in Saint Paul. This song became a favorite because of it's silliness and it's message on happiness. So when thinking of names for our blog this song soon came to mind.